Remember the recruiters side chick has all the questions and answers, you have to answer beyond them in order to impress the other interviewers more or the recruiter himself !
If you go in the interview answering like a robot with the yes, no answers or answering like you’re on a date that you don’t want to be on, you are wasting your time . have power and talk talk talk !
Common answers
Whatever the company has to offer (please )
I want in the range of …. (You are not sure of your value so you don’t really know your job or you lack experience)
I am more interested in the job and not the money! (Lies! the employer is not stupid plus the money is how the employer keeps you accountable)
Correct Answer
My expectations are to get K10, 000 Net (chapwa ! say it confidently ! like you’re saying your name . This shows the employer you know what the job entails and understand your worth)
If you don’t say what you want, people won’t give you what you want. that’s why you find people angry at work because they got what they asked for and are now angry with themselves
An employer will challenge your asking price to try and shake you, they might even say there is someone who is willing to work for K5000 per month for the same job , we do not have a problem paying more. Just tell us why we should pay you double ?
Common Answers
Because am educated and I have the experience.. (I bet you that’s what everyone is saying so it won’t make you special)
Because I will do the jobs better? ( yawn !!)
Because I will bring value ( boring !!)
of course, we know you will bring value or you have experience, but we haven’t taken time off our busy schedule so that you tell us that?. we have got the MD , HR Manager , Finance Manager and Operations manager so you tell us that? come on !( wow you are sooo smart )
This is time to blow your on trumpet. The recruiter is saying post your best picture through words with the interview as the social media platform
I understand you are looking for a seasoned marketing officer and judging from the size of this organization as I did my research , you are not primarily concerned with price but the quality of the work the candidate will produce, I understand the requirements of the job fully and what is implied by them, I know exactly what my role will be in achieving the company’s strategic objectives and that is to drive revenue figures. I have transferable practical marketing strategies that we can combine with your current ones to get a synergy of results. I have already noticed that your online marketing campaign is not as strong as your offline campaign so we can start working on that . giving me 10000 will be a drop in the ocean compared to the revenue and profits I will generate for you. if the K5000 Person can deliver that by all means hire him/her.
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