How to write a CV?

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the most important document when applying for a new job. It does not matter how long it is taking you to write it or how pretty it is, the employer will take a few seconds to form an opinion, so the first impressions really do count. You have to show that you have the necessary competencies and skills to match the job in question. There are few simple rules that guide to produce an accurate, concise and well-presented CV.

Write the CV yourself

The CV has to represent you and the language you use. You will be expected to talk about your CV in the job interview and employers will notice if the CV has been written by you or someone else.

Contact Details

The best way to start your CV will be with your contact details; your name, your full address, your contact phone numbers, and your email address. Your date of birth, marital status and nationality are not necessary and so should not be included here.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile or personal statement should come immediately after your contact details. This should be a brief statement or paragraph about your career profile.  For example;

A conscientious and professional personal assistant with extensive experience in administration.

Key Achievements

Adding Key Achievements or Skills after the Personal Profile is a matter of personal preference. However, this adds an amount of significance to your Personal Profile. It shows that you are dynamic and have actually achieved and acquired skills in your career. Always ensure to include compelling facts here.

Employment History

Always add the most recent job first. Include the title of your position, the dates (month and year) that you have worked, the company name, the location of where you worked, and the description of your duties and responsibilities. Be concise and clear.

Write the previous job next, with the similar information as above. Only add the most relevant jobs that you have had in order rank higher for your potential employer.


Always add the most recent education first. Start with the most relevant qualification for the job. Always give a summary of your qualification and the dates (month and year) and the results you achieved.

Later, add any relevant training.

Hobbies & Interests

how hobbies where this can demonstrate your skills out of the work place, and these skills could then be transferred to those in the work place. This should be brief and concise.


This should be the last part of your CV. Add the most relevant references as these may be contacted to verify some information about you with regard to your job application.

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